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  This search function allows users to search by a variety of keywords, described in detail as below.

      Search by IDs: accept SmProt ID(SPROHSA010899), NONCODE ID (NONHSAT131276,NONHSAG052263), PubMed ID (26364619), ENSEMBL ID(ENST00000454645,ENSG00000204837) and RefSeq ID (NR_003670) as keywords without pre-selection of the ID category.

      Search by Other Keywords: Gene Symbol (MRPL43) and its aliases, cell line or tissue (Hela), ORF type (sORF) and gene type (lincRNA), all could be used as keywords.

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Species Chromosome:   Start location:   Stop location

Example: Chromosome:chr10   Start location:61034338   Stop location:61959438

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Example: NONCODE transcript or gene ID:NONHSAT131276,NONHSAG052263   ENSEMBL transcript or gene ID:ENST00000414264,ENSG00000227877    Refseq ID:NR_003670   PubMed ID:26364619   SmProt ID:SPROHSA010899

Search hints

    Keyword Search:
search concerned gene symbol, gene ID, cell line /tissue, gene type or ORF type.

    Location Search: search concerned location of chromosome in specific species. Hits of small proteins will be reported if their locations are overlapped with the input location.

    ID Search: search through SmProt ID, NONCODE ID, ENSEMBL ID, RefSeq ID or PubMed ID.